Safari Timings in Monsoon


Safari Timings in

Jungle safari timings are synchronized with sunrise and sunset during monsoon in 6 to 10 zones of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Even in the monsoon, 6 to 10 zones of Ranthambore National Park have two safaris every day, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Ranthambore National Park usually opens a little after sunrise for a jungle safari even in monsoon and closes shortly before sunset. Both morning and afternoon safaris are about three and a half hours at Ranthambore.

Jungle safari at Ranthambore during monsoon is available only through current booking and is subject to weather conditions. Therefore, Safari may be canceled by the Forest Department on any day / Shift without prior notice due to bad weather or track conditions or for any administrative reasons. In such circumstances only the amount of safari booking will be refunded and other claims of travel such as cost of travel, loss or compensation of any kind will not be considered.