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Ranthambore National Park, which is one of the leading and most admired National Parks in northern India and located at the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. It is the perfect choice for wildlife tourism in Rajasthan, where the considered that there is best tiger sighting in natural wild habitat. Unique climate and vegetation of Ranthambore have given birth to beautiful dry deciduous forests. It makes easy to see wildlife on the jungle safari. Ranthambore is a rich island of the wild animal species. There are more than 320 species of birds found in Ranthambore, including both resident and migrant. More than 40 species of mammals and over 35 species of reptiles found in Ranthambore National Park. Ranthambore has dry deciduous forest, due to which there are not many species of amphibians in the Ranthambore National Park.

Tiger is major attraction in Ranthambore National Park. Besides tiger, there are other many wild animals species found in the Ranthambore tiger Reserve including herbivorous, Omnivorous, Carnivorous, Scavenger. 

There are five types of cat species are found in Ranthambore which include - Tiger, Leopard, Caracals, Jungle cats and Rusty Spotted cats. The ungulates population includes - Sambar, Spotted deer (chital),  Sambar deer is favorite prey of the Tiger, Blue bull (Nilgai), Chinkara (Indian gazelle) and wild boar. 

The other wild animals species can be seen in Ranthambore tiger reserve are - Sloth Bear ,Jackal, striped Hyena , Indian Palm Civet ,Common Mongoose , Ruddy Mongoose , Long Eared Hedgehogs, Five Striped Palm Squirrel, Indian Porcupine ,Indian Hare , Lesser bandicoot rat or Indian mole-rat, Honey badger or ratel, Indian Flying Fox , Greater false vampire bat, Indian gerbil,

There is also a large number of reptiles in the park- Snout marsh Crocodile or Mugger, Bengal monitor or common Indian monitor lizard, Indian Rock Python, Saw-scaled Viper, Indian Rat Snake, Indian bullfrog , skittering frog, Asian common toad, Tortoise, Banded krait, Cobra, Indian or common krait, Indian soft-shell turtle, Indian flap shell turtle and  Russell's viper.